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Turupu Kapu

Turpu in Telugu means east. The Kapus living on the eastern frontier of Andhra Pradesh called themselves Turpu Kapus. There have been some rulers of coastal kingdoms from this community. They are hard working poor and middle farmers. They are majority community especially in Vizianagaram District but many of them still show their feudal loyalty to erstwhile Zamindars of Bobbili and Vizianagaram etc. Off late however the political awakening of this Caste pushed some representatives of this caste group to be more Politically Active.

Popular Surnames

Bonda,Revalla, Botsa, Yeddu, mandala, gorle, bevara, buridi, majji Talari, Reddy, Pushpala, Allada, Katreddi, Thota, Kanna, Mekala, yazzavarapu,.etc



Comment by jagatha venkata lakshmi narasimha rao on June 24, 2017 at 11:36 PM

Are kapus and the Turpu kapus the same? if yes> why are they listed as BCD and kapus as OC?

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